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"The gateway to services for motivational speaking, weight management, coaching,
exercise, diet, medicines, food, books and software for a healthy lifestyle."

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LIFESTYLES Mission Statement:
Lifestyles by Ronda Gates is a health promotion company that develops and delivers educational programs and products to support lifestyle change. Our work is based on integration of physical health, mental health, social healthy, emotional health and spiritual health.
Ronda Gates founded LIFESTYLES in 1978 when she traded her white pharmacy coat and a 17 year career as a hospital pharmacist for a pair of athletic shoes. Now she is one of the most sought after consultants to provide motivational speaking and weight management coaching services, a free weekly Email Newsletter (Smart LIFESTYLES Weekly Messages), daily low fat recipe, fitness tip of the day, free low fat recipe file, exercise and nutrition books and software, videos, the collaboratively based Covert Bailey Fit or Fat� (Ultimate Fit or Fat�) programming and products and other materials that are a result of Ronda's 20+ year as health promotion educator. Ronda's skills as a free lance writer are the basis for the publication of many books and articles. She combines her knowledge of women's health, fitness, nutrition, weight control and stress management issues with her adult development post graduate studies to provide content to several Internet companies. Her Ask a Question and FAQ sites are visited daily by hundreds of people who know Ronda will ferret fiction from fact, make sense out of nonsense and tell the truth when it comes to questions about everything from nutritional supplements to crash diets to the latest fitness fads. Ronda's associate consultants and staff include a physician, dietitian, athletic trainer, nurse, medial researcher, exercise physiologist, psychologist, web designers, university professors and personal trainers. She has collaborated on books with Frank Katch, Ph.D., Victor Katch, Ph.D., Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., and Covert Bailey.