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Pocket Calorie Fat Counter

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Although Americans have long had a love affair with fat, they've come to realize - along with the experts - that the key to great health and weight loss is cutting down on the dietary fat, saturated fat in particular. In this second revised edition of her best selling guide, Harriet Roth now offers the additional feature of saturated-fat and sodium counts - and updates her listings to include the newest supermarket products, fast foods (you can look up a Whopper), and restaurant foods. It includes:
  • expanded fast food and restaurant section
  • fat facts to help you understand how the body turns food fat into body fat
  • updated listings of frozen foods and new products
  • invaluable information on cholesterol, saturated fat, fat percentages, and sodium
  • personalized charts with formulas fo figuring out you ideal number of calories and fat grams
  • All this information is packed into a 80 page 4" x 6" pocket guide that fits easily into pocket or purse. Best of all it's the least expensive comprehensive guide I've found.

    Harriet Roth's Fat Counter Book Only $3.95.
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