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HEARTFELT EATING: Intuitive Wisdom
- by Ronda Gates

Pic oHeartfelt Eating DVD's R onda made a stellar presentation at the INNER IDEA conference that was reviewed by those in attendance as "excellent." HEARTFELT EATING: Intuitive Wisdom was captured on DVD. We have 15 copies of the DVD for sale. The 90 min lecture explains how using our intuitive wisdom can be useful "for healthfully fueling an active body."

  • description of dysfunctional eating
  • guidelines for smart eating
  • how self-defeating behaviors interfere with intuitive wisdom
  • power foods that can enhance living well and living long
  • the role of water, supplements, "healthy" and "unhealthy" fats and more

  • Usual retail price $49.95
    Our price: $19.95 plus this price includes the SMART Eating poster (usually $4) referred to in the lecture.

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