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Covert's inspirational PBS DVDs: Beyond Fit or Fat (13 part series)   45.00  
Covert's one hour PBS Health   19.95  
Covert's Smart Talk Audio Series on CD   35.00  
The Smart Eating Food Target poster   FREE *  
Ronda's SMART Talk Audio Tape   7.00  
Harriet Roth's Fat Counter   3.95  
Smart Health Sheets   39.95  
Heartfelt Eating, Intuitive Wisdom DVD by Ronda Gates   19.95  
Outwitting Osteoporosis by Ronda Gates, M.S.   6.00  
Nutrition Nuggets by Ronda Gates, M.S.   5.00  
The Scale Companion by Ronda Gates, Frank Katch, PhD. & Victor Katch PhD.   4.00  
Brain Benders by Arlene Taylor, PhD   5.00  
Psychology of Dieting Audio Tape by Ronda Gates, M.S.   7.00  
Stress, A Humorous Perspective on a Serious Subject (audio tape of a keynote by Ronda Gates, M.S.)   7.00  
Ronda's Power Points: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviors Power Point   49.00  
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