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Outwitting Osteoporosis:
The Smart Woman's Guide to Bone Health

- by Ronda Gates and Beverly Whipple

What does a woman with osteoporosis look like? You may say, "A stooped over old woman," or, "A person with a dowager's hump." It's not true. Women (and men) of all ages get osteoporosis including:

  • Young teens who use asthma inhalers
  • Twenty-somethings who exercise or diet excessively
  • Thirty-somethings who have been treated for breast cancer
  • Forty-somethings who take thyroid replacement
  • Fifty-somethings who rely on calcium supplements for strong bones
  • Sixty-somethings who avoid weight-bearing exercises
  • Seventy-somethings think it's too late to prevent diseases of aging

Like a silent thief, osteoporosis can steal your bones without your knowledge.

If you want to be up-to-date on the risk factors, prevention and treatment strategies, tests that diagnose osteoporosis, what bone building exercises work, drugs that interact with calcium, how sexuality affects your bones, calcium food sources and supplements that work you want to have a copy of Outwitting Osteoporosis. It also dispels common myths, provides a risk factor assessment, and has a comprehensive resource guide every conscientious family needs in their home.

Get this easy-to-read book and begin using the simple bone-saving strategies to assure you ride a bicycle, not a wheelchair, into your elder age.

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