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Smart Eating

Smart Eating Book DIETS DON'T WORK. Ronda has been saying it for years. Now, in a book co-authored with Covert Bailey, she offers an alternative to dieting with a revolutionary way to think about food and nutrition. It uses simple guidelines to let YOU make the food choices that assure you get the nutrients you need for good health (and weight loss!)
The process is simplified by the Smart Eating "Food Target" - a unique graphic that grades foods according to their fat and fiber content.

Smart Eating is designed for anyone who wants to eat smart -- men & women, vegetarians, people with weight problems, athletes, healthy people, and even those with medical problems like osteoporosis and diabetes. Included are 200 recipes which are specifically keyed to the Food Target to make preparation of nutritious, tasty meals easy. You'll never diet again.
When you purchasing the book from the web site you will receive, absolutely FREE along with your Smart Eating book order, a Smart Eating Food Target Poster.

Paperback: Usual retail price: $9.95. Our price: $8.95 (with Smart Eating Food Target Poster)
Quantity discounts available.

Smart Eating Package

The Smart Eating Package includes the "works" - a Smart Eating book, a Smart Eating Food Target Poster and a Smart Eating Audio Tape.

Package Price: Only $14.95 -- Save almost $6.00 by buying the package.

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