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Smart Eating Food Target Poster

This vibrant 14" x 20" poster goes beyond the illustration you'll find in Smart Eating. It's designed to make it easy to choose foods wisely. Specific instructions assure you'll automatically get a balanced diet high in disease-preventing nutrients and fiber yet low in disease-producing fat and added sugar. Additionally, it offers a diet strategy you'll get nowhere else-Ronda's unique plan is guaranteed to help you choose the specific calorie level and servings in each food group your body needs to lose or maintain lost weight. Athletes will love the flexibility in this plan that assures you can manage your food choices without giving up your favorite foods.

The poster is available either individually or in quantity.
  • Price for poster is now FREE (shipping and handling fees apply to poster only orders)
  • Call for quanity discounts.
When you are purchasing the book Smart Eating from the web site, you will receive this poster absolutely FREE along with your Smart Eating book order.

Smart Eating Package

The Smart Eating Package includes the "works" - a Smart Eating book, a Smart Eating Food Target Poster and a Smart Eating Audio Tape.

Package Price: Only $14.95 -- Save almost $6.00 by buying the package.

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