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Smart Eating Audio Tape - by Ronda Gates

Audio Tape pic I literally wrote the book on this subject but so many chapters were cut in the final edit (in favor of recipes) I just had to tell you what you missed. The first thing I'll tell you to do is list your five favorite foods. After that I'll ask you why you eat. After you get some answers I'll show you how those foods can remain in your diet if you eat smart. Of course I'll tell you what that means.

The 60 minute tape is only $7.00 postage paid. If you buy the book, Smart Eating, at the same time you will get a free Smart Eating poster and we'll throw in the tape for only $5.

Tape Only - $7.00
Smart Eating Package (book, audio tape, free poster) - $14.95
Quantity discounts available.

Smart Eating Package

The Smart Eating Package includes the "works" - a Smart Eating book, a Smart Eating Food Target Poster and a Smart Eating Audio Tape.

Package Price: Only $14.95 -- Save almost $6.00 by buying the package.

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