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The Scale Companion
How to Find Your Ideal Weight*
(home body composition assessment)
- By Ronda Gates, M.S., Frank Katch, Ph.D., & Victor Katch, Ph.D.

At home body fat assessment kit
*for people up to age 50!

"At last! Correct body weight approached realitically!!"
.....Covert Bailey
The Scale Companion

There is only one way to calculate a realistic weight goal. You must know how much non-fat you have on your body. Since, short of an autopsy, this is impossible to measure, you must assess your body fat and then make some calculations. In the past this required sophisticated equipment or experience using a pinch tool. Dr. Frank Katch and Dr. Victor Katch, after many years of research, created a system that is so simple it can be used by anyone. All you need is a tape measure, a piece of paper, and a calculator to use this method that has become the protocol for many fitness systems. I've used it successfully with every one of my Smart Coaching clients. It not only works, it empowers the user!!

Now, we've put this information in a book that will give you step-by-step easy-to-use instruction so you can discover:

  • If you have too much body fat
  • How much lean mass you have
  • The potential for increasing your metabolism
  • What's the most realistic weight for you
  • Your lean-to-fat ratio (higher is better)
I have never been so excited about a product as I am about this book! It is going to change your outlook on your weight forever!!

 The Scale Companion is available either individually or in quantity.

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