LIFESTYLES by Ronda Gates Smart Health Sheets

Smart Health Sheets
Motivate clients toward a healthy lifestyle.

During the thirty years I have been developing and delivering health promotion programs and products to support a healthy lifestyle I've produced hundreds of educational handouts that can be used to motivate and educate clients. These excellent resources have been used in a variety of settings - health clubs, medical practices, hospitals, corporations, conferences - and by personal trainers and lifestyle coaches. In addition to basic concepts of exercise, nutrition, and stress management, they introduce strategies to overcome personal barriers to success, exercise burnout, and much more. They help clients transform their lives.
You can now use these tools in your professional setting. LIFESTYLES® copyright-free Smart Health Sheets are delivered on CDs that include ten professionally formatted PDF files to assure you have no printing glitches whether you print them in color or black and white. Moreover, each of these medical-evidence based resources includes space to attach your business card or a personal message. Each is packed with motivational strategies for your clients. Print and distribute as needed for marketing, classroom use, individual coaching sessions, or wherever your imagination takes you.

Series 1 of the Smart Health Sheets collection contains:

Finding a Balance
  • What Does That Food Label Say?
  • Inconsequential Calorie Burning
  • Lab Values 101
  • Power Up with these Nutrition Stars
  • Quackery
  • Relaxation Method
  • Satiety Index
  • What 10,000 Steps a Day Can Do for You
  • 10,000 Steps Program Log

    Additional series will include:
  • Exercise for Busy People
  • Habits for Successful Weight Loss
  • Medical Tests at Any Age
  • Boning Up on Osteoporosis
  • Motivation Strategies
  • Your Food Label
  • And many more

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