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Stress-A Humorous Perspective - by Ronda Gates

Audio Tape pic I did two keynotes for the PBS fund-raiser in Cincinnati Ohio that resulted in the local paper describing me as "The Erma Bombeck of Fitness." I love Erma's humor but since this perceptive woman died several years ago we're not sure if the comment was a compliment or not. (The writer assured me it was!!)

You'll laugh listening to stories that mimic your own life. "I've had a long day, I've only got two hands, I don't have enough time," are comments we often make without thinking. I believe we create our own stress. This tape will give you secrets to "turn the beat around" in your life as well as that of your friends and family.

Stress is inevitable. How you manage it is not. This is a true learn and listen experience. 60 minute tape

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