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Techniques to Improve Performance

You may have read about athletes whose training includes the use of techniques to improve their performance. For example, some visually concentrate on "breaking the wining tape" or "making the perfect dive" or swishing their free throw at a basketball game. With practice their imagination becomes the foundation for their success.

Others anchor a successful experience with physical triggers like squeezing a thumb and forefinger together or making a fist when they achieve something positive. Later, when they feel down, repetition of this motion can give them a psychological boost.

Everyday athletes can also use this techniques. Picture yourself achieving whatever it is you want. Imagine how you will feel and how you will behave after you've achieved your goal . When you're feeling on top of the world create your own trigger to remind yourself of your accomplishments at another time when things don't seem to be going so well.

This week, like an athlete, add psychological resources to your strategies for success.

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