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Osteoporosis Risk Factor Profile.

To help determine your risk of osteoporosis, select the statement in each category that is most true for you. Click "Calculate Totals" Button when you have finished the entire profile. AOL user click here.

Genetic factors
Family History:
Wrist size:
Body type:
Onset of Menopause:
Start of Estrogen Therapy:

Lifestyle Factors
Exercise (total body):
Calcium Intake:
Protein Intake:
Caffeine Consumption:
Alcohol Consumption:
Tobacco Use:
Lifestyle Score
Genetic Score
Total Score

What your score means:
8-25 points: your risk factor is well below average
26-48 points: your risk factor is average
49-82 points: you are at moderate risk for developing osteoporosis
83-100 points: you are at considerable risk for developing osteoporosis
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