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Your Eating Style

Most people in business are keenly aware that there are a variety of business management styles but most of us forget that there are also a variety of styles for managing snacking. High energy catalysts are often constant cravers who eat to satisfy a craving. They go out of their way to get the food that takes care of a specific craving. Thinkers are often afternoon snackers who eat with convenience at the forefront of their mind. If there's no time to cook, they'll eat anything that's handy. Mindless munchers are involved in many activities and they tend to snack without thinking. They tend to prefer snacks that come in large quantities, yet are small and easy to pop in their mouth. The well organized person typically snacks for energy to keep going. They bag snacks that are easy to carry, digest quickly and don't weigh them down.

milk, fruit flavored yogurt, granola bars, peanut butter, oatmeal cookies, fruit, vegie kabobsstring cheese, pretzels, popcorn, raisins, grapes, baby carrots, pumpkin seeds
yogurt, skim milk, low fat trail mix, bagel and cheese, reduced fat peanut butter on celery sticks, fig cookies cereal, mini-pizza, vegetable soup, toaster waffle topped with jelly, veggies dipped in salad dressing

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