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If you have weight to lose, fitness to acquire, bones you want to strengthen or simply want to improve your overall health there is no better lifetime fitness program than walking. If you want an outside progressive walking program you can buy OUTWITTING OSTEOPOROSIS. If you prefer to exercise inside Leslie Sansone's WALK AWAY THE POUNDS videos series is the way to go. Leslie is an enthusiastic motivator who has produced a number of videos that will help you get fit fast. The videos are at most video rental shops or you can purchase them at You may also see her complete program advertised on an infomercial. Pop a video in every day and you'll soon be fit as a fiddle.

Lana Holstein, MD
SEXUALITY & WOMEN'S HEALTH. Lana Holstein, M.D., is a nationally known expert on sexuality and women's health issues. She is the Director of Women's Health at Canyon Ranch Health Resorts in Tucson, Arizona and is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona School of Medicine.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Go here to keep up to date on issues related to breast cancer. Dr. Marisa Weiss, a practicing oncologist whose specialty is helping breast cancer patients, has created a comprehensive, trustworthy web site devoted to the needs of breast cancer patients, their families, friends and anyone who wants to know more about this disease. Dr. Weiss is the author of the best selling book, LIVING BEYOND BREAST CANCER. She is practical, insightful, straightforward, articulate and knowledgeable about all areas of medicine. However, her empathetic and no-nonsense approach to issues related to breast cancer make this my favorite site for getting up to date information. If nothing else, go to the site to read her response to the crazy internet email letter that says anti-perspirants cause breast cancer.

American College of Sports Medicine
ACSM promotes and integrates scientific research, education, and practical applications of sports medicine and exercise science to maintain and enhance physical performance, fitness, health and quality of life. It certifies health and fitness professionals through comprehensive exam process and sponsors a superb annual conference. I am privileged to be ACSM-certified as a clinical fitness leader and have been on the teaching staff at their conventions.

American Council on Exercise
ACE is a not-for-profit organization committed to enriching quality of life
through safe and effective physical activity. ACE certifies fitness professionals and provides continuing education certification programs for group exercise instructors and personal trainers. I am privileged to be ACE gold
certified as a group exercise leader and personal trainer. My workshops,
home study courses and Fit or Fat LIFESTYLES Institute provide ACE
continuing education credits.

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
AFAA is a professional organization for exercise instructors and
enthusiasts that is both a leader in certification, education and training,
and an international membership association designed to meet the needs of
fitness professionals.

Association for Worksite Health Promotion
AWHP is a not-for-profit network of worksite health promotion professionals
dedicated to advancing worksite health promotion. I am privileged to hold Fellowship status in this organization.

Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research.
The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research was founded in 1970 by Kenneth
H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H. Cooper is considered the "father" of the aerobic
exercise movement and the Cooper Institute is dedicated to advancing the
understanding of the relationship between living habits
and health by providing training programs for health and fitness
professionals. I am privileged to be certified by this organization as a
LIFESTYLE Counselor with specialization in weight control and stress

Association for Fitness Professionals
Originally founded as the International Dance Exercise Association IDEA is
now the Association for Fitness Professionals. IDEA provides quality
education, professional development, leadership and worldwide recognition
for instructors, personal trainers, directors and business owners to ensure
their success and build worldwide participation in safe, effective fitness
and healthy lifestyle programs. I am privileged to have presented at more
than 25 IDEA national, regional and state events, hold *****Star Presenter
status and was recognized with the Ten+ industry award by the organization
in 1992.

Covert Bailey Fitness
After a distinguished career as an author and one of the best edutainers in
the health and fitness business, Covert Bailey has retired. Happily I have
his endorsment that I am suitable to carry on the lecture business he left
behind. Additionally, I market books and videos formerly sold at Covert Bailey
Fitness ( Covert and I had a
challenging and productive professional relationship and friendship off and
on since I first heard him lecture in 1982. I most enjoyed the lengthy
brainstorming sessions that resulted in the new ideas and approaches to
explaining metabolism in lectures, producing a PBS series, developing Fit
or Fat licensing programs, co-authoring a best selling book, and capturing
charisma to market the most successful piece of home exercise equipment to
hit the infomercial scene! I was challenged in many ways
in his good company as I strived to give my best to him and his
organization where I learned much about nutrition, fitness and life!!

Dr. Dean Edell
This is the site for Dr. Dean Edell, the hugely popular radio personality
whose daily show is, for me, the most honest, straightforward, no bull,
medical information site on the internet. Dean Edell is funny, frank and
compassionate physician who is not afraid to take on the medical
establishment, the health and fitness industry, the media, health scams and
more. He tells you what has been scientifically proven and what has not. He
provides breaking news about medical breakthroughs and, using common sense,
provides information you can trust. This man is, for me, a hero!!

International Health Recreation and Sports Association
This is a professional network of health clubs that sets high standards for
membership and provides trend reports and two annual (one business and one
trade) conferences annually. I am privileged to have made presentations at
their trade event.

This is, in my humble opinion, the best site on the internet as a starting
place when you're looking for up-to-date medical information. The site
changes daily. Each day the latest medical news and/or articles are posted
on the site. Additionally, you can become a "member" and gain access to
information about many diseases. They also have on-line support communities

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