10 Tips to Keep You Merry And Fit

Park the car far away from the mall, take the stairs, eat lunch at your desk and walk for you break instead… blah, blah. We've heard these ideas for adding exercise to your days one hundred times before. Not this year! It's time for a change! Tis the season to be jolly - so how about some really fun (and a little silly) exercise tips for this winter.

  1. Go caroling, but instead of strolling and sipping eggnog between each house, RUN!
  2. Check your local listings for a holiday fitness event. Many towns have a "Jingle Bell Run" or a New Years walk.
  3. If you plan to do some shopping at the mall this season - turn it into an aerobic event. Fill up those sacks with goodies, walk with determination between shops - you'll get in some weight lifting hefting those big presents and some aerobic exercise just schlepping them around the mall!
  4. Go to see the spectacular lights display at your local zoo or park. Or stroll through a neighborhood decked out with holiday lights. What a nice way to take in the season and spend time with family.
  5. Take the frozen turkey out on the lawn for some good old fashion turkey bowling!
  6. Go to a Christmas tree farm where you can dig up or cut down your own Christmas tree. OH - feel those arms burn!
  7. Rent cross-country skis and hit the snow. If you've never been before - you're in for a fun and snowy challenge!
  8. Play flag football with the family. You'll discover muscles you never realized you had!
  9. Try running in snow with out snowshoes or skis. Now that's a workout!
  10. When decorating your house for the holidays take as many trips to the attic for forgotten items. If putting up lights on the house, forget the hammer, then the nails, then the lights - by the time your done you've climbed the ladder 10 times!

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