Staying Fit Despite the Holiday Fat

Who wants to miss out on all the fun of the holidays over a diet? Not me. Not you! The holidays should be about joy, peace, friendship, sharing and enjoyment. Today this usually comes along with some pretty tasty food. Instead of worrying about depriving yourself or, conversely, indulging and later being filled with guilt -- learn to take it all in stride. Use moderation and planning so you can join the celebration!

Here are five hints to help you keep your exercise and diet plan in check while making the most of the season:

  1. "Eat, drink, but be wary, for tomorrow you shall live!" In other words, enjoy yourself. Have fun, eat delicious foods, but be smart about it. Use moderation. Get your exercise. Because you want to be able to enjoy tomorrow.
  2. The holidays are a time of temptations. Plan your days so that you eat well for breakfast and lunch. When the feast comes for dinner - go for it! You've been good. You can join the party without guilt.
  3. Remember that exercise reduces stress and elevates mood. If the holidays are a difficult time for you emotionally, it's even more important that you stick with your exercise plan so that you can maintain your mental fitness!
  4. Get your exercise out of the way early in the day. This will open up your schedule in the evenings so that you can go with the flow. If a party pops up you can partake with out worrying about missing your workout.
  5. When faced with a table full of temptations opt for the foods you really like and skip the ones that are just fillers (such as rolls and appetizers).

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