King Muscle Pills

think exercise can cure almost everything! We're born with a fabulous machine that's able to repair itself almost like magic. All you have to do is exercise and your machine gets healthier. I suppose you want me to prove that fit people live longer. Well, the research is subject to all kinds of interpretations, but to argue about it misses the point. Fit people, because of all the things they do in life, probably do live longer. Fit people, when they are seventy years old, hike and ski in the mountains. Their blood flows easily because it is thin, their red blood cell count is high, their lungs are healthy, they have strong hearts. They are stronger than unfit people in every way. They withstand trauma and disease far better. So can I prove that fitness itself makes them live longer? No. It's easier to show that lack of fitness makes you live shorter.

Fit people are much less likely to spend money on illegal drugs; they don't need them. If all Americans got into sports, and exercise, the government wouldn't have to spend so much money policing drugs. Fit people don't smoke cigarettes, so they're less likely to get cancer. They aren't fat, so they have fewer heart attacks. On the job they have less "down" time from colds and flus, which reduces their own medical expenses and the costs to their employers. Wow! At the rate I'm going, I believe I can come up with a good argument for curing the national debt with exercise! And, if you believe your excess fat is caused by faulty metabolism, let me enlighten you - even that problem can be "cured" by exercise.

The psychological benefits go way beyond the measurable physiological effects. People involved in exercise and sports are harder to ruffle. Exercise is a great stress reliever so the daily little irritations of life are easier to accept. The guy who flips you off during rush hour traffic probably doesn't exercise. Depression is even relieved by exercise. So if everyone exercised think how few gloomy and angry people there would be in the world!

I've got these magic pills I call "King Muscle Pills." I'd like to send you some but they're not approved by the FDA, approved by the surgeon general, or sanctioned by the American Medical Association. But I tell you, take two of these pills with a glass of water AFTER a half hour of exercise, and I guarantee you'll feel better.

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