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Caffeine is the world's most popular drug. If you use it, chances are you abuse it. I'm not throwing stones. This southern girl starts every day with a walk to the local 7-11 to purchase a fountain caffeine-free diet coke-my solace for a habit of drinking the caffeinated variety for many years. (I think I'm addicted to the easy access to the cup and straw!)

However, since caffeine causes insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, upset stomach, poor fine-muscle coordination, increased blood pressure, disturbances in heart rhythm and may also cause some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, including fatigue, anxiety, and tender, painful breasts you may want to cut back or cut out. If so, here's some products you should avoid:

Product Amt of Caffeine
Colas (12 oz.)  
Jolt Cola 100 mg
Sugar-Free Mr. Pibb 58.8 mg
Mountain Dew 54 mg
Tab 46.8 mg
Coca-Cola 45.6 mg
Diet Coke 45.6 mg
Pepsi Cola 38.4 mg
All Servings 12 oz Except * 16.9 oz.  

Coffee and Tea  
6 oz. Fresh Drip Coffee 115-175 mg
6 oz. Brewed Coffee 90-140 mg
6 oz. Instant Coffee 66-100 mg
6 oz. Decaffeinated Coffee 2-4 mg
6 oz. Hot Tea 30-100 mg
1.5 oz. Shot Espresso 100 mg
12 oz. Iced Tea 70 mg

Chocolate Bar (50 gm.) 20mg.
Hot Chocolate (250 ml.) 4mg.

Pain Killers (per pill)  
Vivarin 100 mg
NoDoz 100 mg
Excedrin 65 mg
Anacin 32 mg

Cold Medicine (check the label)

Prescription Drugs  
Caffergot 100 mg
Cafermine, Cafetrate 100 mg
Darvon Compound 65 32 mg
Esgic 40 mg
Fiorinal 40 mg
Migral 100 mg
Synalgos-DC 30 mg

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