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The large (excuse the pun) audience for breakthrough news about "over the counter" products that will improve your health has supported the return of quackery/hucksterism in the guise of "alternative", "complementary" or "integrative" medicine in ways I never expected when I went to pharmacy school. The media has taken advantage of this movement by glamorizing the latest health fads to increase readers, listeners or viewers.

There's often no effort to provide a true analysis of the efficacy of these remedies.Thus the shelves and counters in our supermarkets, drug stores and health food stores are groaning under the weight of more and more supplements and herbal products each month. Multi-level marketing and direct mail add to the mix to leave us confused about what's good and what's not so good for our health.

Contrary to popular belief, media information about vitamins, minerals, herbal products, nutraceuticals and other products doesn't have to meet any standards of proof before it can be presented as true in books,magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, speeches, box covers or on radio and television.

In recent months I've written guidelines for some of my corporate clients. Two of them complement one another. Read and learn. If you have questions, use the Ask a Question icon on the front page of this site.

Quackery One    Quackery Two

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