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Research on energy expenditure of various workouts has been compiled by several competent researchers at prestigious physiology labs nationwide. Their studies agree. Each of the activities in the columns below will use about 150 calories. If you choose two activities every day and decrease the fat and sugar in your diet you will maintain or build muscle and burn stored body fat.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These values are based on a 150 pound man. Values for a 150 pound woman would be slightly less because she has less lean mass. They are, however, a pretty good reference for all of us. (See: THE SCALE COMPANION by Ronda Gates). For a list of values for more than 1,000 activites you need the book, CALORIE EXPENDITURE CHARTS by Frank Katch, Ph.D. and Victor Katch, Ph.D.

Areboic Exercise Everyday Activities Strength Training Fun & Games Flexibility
Hike 30 min
Aerobic Dance 20 min
Swim 20 min
Run 2 miles
Ride bike outside 5 miles
Roller skate 30 min
Jump Rope 15 min
Walk (briskly) 30 min
Garden 40 min
Wash the car 44 min
Paint the house 33 min
Mow lawn (hand mower)
25 min
Carpentry--large object
24 min
Move furniture 30 min
Body sculpting 30 min
Free weights 30 min
Circuit training 25 min
Calisthenics 30 min
Body surf 20 min
Play handball 20 min
Mountain bike 15 min
Waterski 20 min
Kayak 25 min
Snorkel 20 min
Play softball 45 min
Sretch 45 min
Yoga 45 min
Akido 45 min
T'ai chi ch'uan 45 min
Modern Dance 45 min
Club dance (fast) 15 min
Texas 2 step 15 min

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