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Ronda has recently taken on a new project. She's Director of Consumer Experiences for StepOne It's a lofty title that simply means she supports the company mission: To deliver a holistic, consumer-centric, 21st Century healthcare experience as a leading choice for consumers. Specifically she will provide content, manage blogs, create programs and products and consult with clients/customers.
If you've ever been frustrated by your medical care--long waits to get an appointment with your doc (where, instead of seeing the doc, you typically must see a Physician's Assistant or Nurse Practitioner) followed by the need to make an appointment to go to a lab for tests or X-rays followed by a return to the doctor's office where the PA reviews the results then may require you to make yet another appointment to see the doctor who may refer you to a specialist where the cycle continues to repeat itself. AAAAAgh........StepOne Health delivers shortcuts.
Suppose the Affordable Care Act requires you have a higher deductible on your insurance and you want to get less expensive options for your care. The prestigious staff at StepOne Health can lead you through the initial process of diagnosing and recommending alternatives with less out of pocket expenses. (Obviously, right now, we can't manage xrays--but that's coming.) After testing (you choose the tests) you'll receive a report and be "in house" in regards to all things related toyour health. You can get your prescriptions reviewed for drug interactions (with each other, supplements, herbals and other over-the-counter pills and potions), download useful tips and tricks, read blogs written by our experts, get information about critical health issues and, as a consumer, be on the leading edge of all issues related to your health.
Her first project for StepOne Health is the soon to be launched IndieGoGO project that will include 3 different (progressive) health care experiences that offer a variety of tests, products and her soon to be published book: Step Into Health.
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LIFESTYLES by Ronda Gates
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