LIFESTYLES by Ronda Gates Smart Pharmacist
Pill Popping Pills and Promises.

Ronda Gates has a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Cincinnati. However, when her interest in all aspects of health provided an opportunity to expand her professional horizons beyond the walls of hospital pharmacies without windows, she turned in her white coat. Despite all the professional health promotion hats she has worn since, she has aggressively maintained her interest in all things related to pills and potions and supplements and herbals. Here are some of those thoughts.

Chromium For Lean Mass?

Out Out Damned Spot!!

Drugs That Predispose You to Sunburn



Natural Medicines

Herb Caveats (Warnings)

Ephedra Warning

Herbs for Menopause

PPA Containing Drug List

To HRT or not to HRT? That is the question

Hormone Replacement Therapy Guidelines

LIFESTYLES by Ronda Gates
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