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Do No Harm

This weekend I had the privilege of speaking at a Speaking of Women's Health Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. These wonderful conferences (2500 at the 3 day Cincinnati event), expanding to 50 cities by Y2K, bring experts in fields of breast cancer, sensuality and sexuality, exercise & nutrition, heart disease, stress management, integrative medicine and more to women eager to become more empowered in managing their health care. Occasionally I get "time off" to attend a session myself, absorb the knowledge of other experts and, if lucky, hear a pearl of wisdom that I can pass on to my own audiences. This time that pearl of wisdom was in a Sensuality and Sexuality session delivered by my friend, Bev Whipple, author of The G Spot. Bev was asked "whether women should use (you fill in the blank with the name of an herbal product) for (you fill in the blank for the name of a peri or post-menopausal symptom)." She answered each question astutely then added, " Remember, anytime you put a pill, herb or food in your mouth that your body doesn't need, you create a risk. And, anytime you don't put a pill, herb or food that your body does need, you create a risk."

I hope I got that mostly right, Bev. It's a useful phrase we need to take to heart as herbal/natural remedies, vitamins, minerals and homeopathic potions become mainstream. Remember. Just because a product is "natural" doesn't mean it's safe.

In future weeks you'll learn more about these supposed "answer to your prayers". Until then, be sure to ask your doctor before you use ANY herbal product. It may have adverse effects on an underlying health problem or interact badly with other medication you take. Vitamin E, for example, has been shown to be good for heart health, post-menopausal health and for improving memory. But, if you're taking blood thinners, including aspirin, beware. The anticoagulant properties that make this vitamin so useful can also cause harm. The "DO NO HARM" mantra of physicians is one we all must remember.

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