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In 1982, after my dad died, I found a much handled piece of paper in the middle drawer of his desk. Dad was a physician who specialized in chest medicine. He was one of the early advocates for getting heart attack patients on their feet early. He preached and practiced the exercise mantra by walking briskly as often as possible. Although he insisted his patients maintain a normal weight, his lack of knowledge about the role of diet in heart disease was his undoing. Hungry and poor as a youngster the good life, to him, meant good food. He ate a high fat diet and succumbed to heart disease at the age of 72. I believe with the additional stress of the holidays upon us, the words on that paper offer good advice.

  • Go less, sleep more.
  • Ride less, walk more.
  • Talk less, think more.
  • Scold less, praise more.
  • Waste less, give more.
  • Eat less, chew more.
  • Clothe less, bathe more.
  • Idle less, play more.
  • Worry less, laugh more.
  • Preach less, practice more.

        Source unknown.

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