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Herbs of Mystery

Since ancient time, certain herbs, minerals and other nutrients have been cloaked in mystery, revered religiously, or, in some cases anointed with near supernatural status because of their tremendous healing and health-giving potential.

Ten years ago if medical researchers regarded such quaint relics of a less enlightened age at all, it was usually to scoff. But, no longer. There's a shift that's taken nearly everyone by surprise. Like vegetarianism, herbal/natural remedies, vitamins, minerals and homeopathic potions have become mainstream.

What's safe? What's not?

Here's this pharmacist's perspective;

Anytime you put something in your body that it doesn't need, you create risk. Anytime you don't put something in your body that it needs, you create risk.

Remember. Just because you buy a pill or potion at a health food store or from a well meaning vendor who markets a line of "exceptional" products doesn't mean it's a smart choice for you. With the exception of a daily vitamin/mineral supplement, NEVER take any of these products without checking with your physician or pharmacist first. This is your LIFE!!

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