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This week many of our newspapers reported updates on the status of research about the use of popular herbal remedies used, without medical guidance as alternative or complementary therapies for a variety of symptoms. Those articles precipitated lots of consumer questions at a weekend Pills and Promises lecture I delivered this weekend. If you're interested in reading my guidelines for "interpreting" research, I've attached a Microsoft Word (thanks brother Bill) RTF file for your quick reading pleasure.

Meanwhile remember. Whether it can be purchased over the counter at your retail pharmacy, at a health food store or from an independent distributor HERBS ARE MEDICINES. If you are taking any prescription don't supplement your care without checking with your pharmacist or physician. If you are expecting to create a child, keep your body free of body altering chemicals. Meantime, remember: if a pill could be developed that had all the benefits of exercise it would be the most prescribed drug ever produced. Until then, keep moving!

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