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What, Where, Who, How, When and Why

"We are what we eat" is a tired cliché'. I believe it's also inaccurate. We are what we eat, where we eat, with whom we eat, how we eat, when we eat and why we eat.

What we eat--we are composed of chemicals synthesized from the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water we eat. Balance and variety assures the ongoing miracle of nutritional biochemistry--how nutrition helps our body to function and survive.

Where we eat--we are creatures responsive to subtle environmental influences. Our response to a meal varies with cold or warmth, bright lights or dim candles, formal restaurant or a campfire at the end of a day of hiking.

With whom we eat--the talk, the social setting, our comfort or discomfort with eating companions, whether we are in love or in despair alter our mood and how well we do or don't enjoy, and digest, our food.

How we eat--whether rushed, relaxed, sitting, riding, standing, snacking or eating in a structured environment, our body's reaction determines how well we do or don't use the calories the food provides.

When we eat--our bodies have their own rhythms of temperature, hormones, sleep, travel and energy, to name a few. Duck l'orange doesn't have the same appeal at 6 a.m. that it does at 6 p.m. and chocolate, good anytime, is more satisfying after dinner than it is after breakfast.

Why we eat--the balanced diet for a professional athlete is very different than the balanced diet for my 86 year old mother. Nevertheless, I rarely meet anyone who eats to get the nutrients we need to survive. Most of us eat because it's time or because we're stressed or tired or lonely or sad or happy or any of the broad range of feelings and emotions that are part of everyday life.

This week pay attention to the what, where, who, how, when and why of your diet lifestyle. You'll discover just how unique you really are.

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