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Inconsequential Exercise

If weight management is one of your fitness goals consider this. As you sit at your computer and read this you are burning about 3 calories/minute. Stay at your monitor for one hour and you will burn about 180 calories. But suppose that for ten minutes every hour you got out of your chair and moved around--carried your papers to your colleague, use the stairs instead of an elevator, walk to the water cooler on another floor. If you increase the intensity of your effort until you are burning 6 calories a minute during those ten minutes your calorie expenditure increases by 30 calories/hour. Do that 8 times during your work day and you've burned an additional 240 calories. In a little over two weeks that tiny bit of effort can decrease your body fat by one pound.

It's the inconsequential exercise that makes the difference between long term weight management and the kind that's focused on what you do when you "work out".

How far will you walk today?

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