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Making A List

Last month while a friend and I were sharing a meal we decided to turn a "wouldn't it be nice if" conversation into an opportunity to create a list of recreational activities we wanted to do.

We took turns until the list was ten lines long.
Much was revealed by that written exercise. Although there were a few extravagances oriented to lavish pleasures (the 5 day sailing trip and a week in that house on the north end of Kauai) most of the choices were about self fulfillment: opportunity to learn to speak Spanish, acquire more skill on the electric piano, full day hike at least once a month. I was struck by how little effort would be required to take life to higher levels.

I believe a full life is the legacy of the truly successful career. When we are so engrossed in what we have to do at work we forget how re-energizing and revitalizing our activities during non work times can be.

Consider making your own list this week. Once it's made, create an action plan that includes SMART goals for making your dreams come true.
S= specific
M = measurable
A= action oriented
R = realistic
T = timelines

Make a list then make those dreams your reality.

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