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Party Time

Even if you aren't on the holiday party treadmill chances are gatherings with families and friends have snacks or a meal on the agenda. Extra doses of high fat foods are tempting but many of us pay the price later--self flagellation for eating too much or, worse case scenario, an extra pound or two that will precipitate the annual "this year I'm going to lose weight diet".

One of the skills we teach participants in corporate retreat settings is how to make what I call Low-Fat Trade-offs. You can save lots of calories if you occasionally substitute lower in fat foods for higher in fat choices. Here's a few to get you started.

  • Instead of potato chips -- eat corn chips and save
  • Instead of corn chips--eat low fat corn chips
  • Instead of whole milk--drink low fat milk
  • Instead of carrot cake--chose angel food cake with fruit topping
  • Instead of butter on toast--choose a fruit sweetened preserve or jelly
  • Instead of roast beef--choose roast turkey
  • Use low fat sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese and mayonnaise
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with sparkling water
  • Instead of chocolate--choose gum drops.
  • On second thought, enjoy the chocolate.

    Happy New Year.

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