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If you've been by a magazine rack lately, or checked out fitness publications or reviewed the best seller book list you know that the New Year has arrived because you're inundated with articles about weight control. "Get Thin This Year", "How I Lost 40 Pounds in '98", " Fat Burning Foods to Help You Lose Weight", SugarBusters, Protein Power, and on and on and on.

Think about this. Unless you're reading these ads and articles while you're on a treadmill or stair stepper, every minute you spend reading about weight loss could be spent doing something about it--specifically, exercise.

Every client I coach eventually tells me they "didn't have enough time" to exercise on a given day. I don't buy it. We can all steal a couple of minutes here and there to pump our metabolism, clear our mind and refresh our spirit.

This week, if you're tempted to read something about a subject you already know a lot about, practice what you've (already) learned instead.

Be well!

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