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Internet Quackery

In recent months I've received Emails with grave warnings about the perils of Nutrasweet, anti-perspirants, poisoned toothpaste and harmful shampoos. All were untrue. Sometimes I ferret out the source and attempt, on the web site, to separate fact from fiction. It's a "here we go again" phenomena because as long as we want a quick fix for anything, someone will be there to attempt to sell it to us.

This week, in addition to the high profile of the widely touted to "dissolve" cellulite, CELLASENE (where does all that dissolved fat go? Even if it did work, what would happen if you stopped using this expensive product?), there is additional internet promotion for a pill that "turns fat into liquid, then transports it to the kidneys for elimination from the body in urine!!"



"Our revolutionary herbal gel is gently rubbed into the skin. The liposome formula quickly penetrates to the fatty tissue where it liqefies the excess fat on contact. The body then treats the liquefied fat as a waste product and eliminates it naturally through urination." (spelling error theirs, not mine)

Does that not sound scientific, logical and the miracle we've been waiting for? Oh, in my dreams---->if it were only true!! Sadly it takes a biochemistry background to dispel most of these rumors that sound logical but have no basis in fact.

It is not possible to liquefy fat in the body. Even if you could, it would not get to the kidneys. And, even if you could get it to the kidneys, it couldn't be dissolved in water based urine to be eliminated from the body!!

Fat is not soluble in water. That's why we hear our doctors talk about triglycerides and cholesterol. Triglycerides are a combination of 3 (tri) fatty acids and a glycerol molecule that allows dietary fat or mobilized stored fat to travel through the blood stream. The waxy fat, cholesterol, gets surrounded by a (lipo)protein--sometimes high density (HDL Cholesterol--the scavenging good stuff) and sometimes low density (LDL Cholesterol the easy to deposit bad stuff) in order to float in our blood.

I deliver a slogan at every lecture. "Labels can't lie, but liars write labels." Remember. Marketing and packaging materials can say anything they want--they do NOT have to tell you the truth. IF you bought these pills, the bottle they are packaged in could not make these erroneous claims. Moreover, the government can't stop these unethical entrepreneurs from selling these products until they pass through the postal system.

There's no policeman on the internet. Most the individuals or companies who sell irreputable products rely on the power of you receiving an Email from a trusted friend who got the Email from another trusted friend. The result is an internet that perpetuates some very good and some very bad information about your health.

There are only TWO ways to get rid of stored body fat. The first is to change the ratio of calories in and calories out to favor the latter. This requires exercise that is sufficiently intense to stimulate your calorie burning capacity--your METABOLISM. The second method is surgery. Small amounts of fat can be sucked or cut out of some places on the body. For most of us the first solution is the cheapest, easiest and safest. So, watch out for those pills and promises that remove weight from only one place--your wallet!

Have a healthy week!

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