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High Fiber Diet

This week the hot nutrition topic in the media was the results of a study that showed that a high fiber diet does not prevent colon cancer. I discovered that, once again, my clients were confused--do they or do they not need to increase the fiber in their diet?

They do.

Despite this most recent study a high fiber diet remains one of the significant dietary habits we can adapt to improve our health. A higher in fiber diet (whole grains and curciferous vegetables as opposed to white flour and high sugar foods) is second only to exercise in the prevention and management of many diseases besides colon cancer (especially heart disease).

How do you know if you're eating enough fiber? Dietitian/comedian Candy Cummings uses two words to help distinguish between an individual's need to add or not to add fiber to the diet. At the risk of offending her audience (or my readers) she makes a point with two words you will never forget: FLOATERS and SINKERS. (Now where do I go with this?) Diving in, RG continues with medical talk, "When you make your daily trip to the bathroom to evacuate your bowels, return to the habits of childhood and take a look at what you drop. High fiber diets reap floaters. Low fiber diets reap sinkers."

Have you had YOUR fiber today?

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