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SNACKS TO GO (as in go/went/gone)

Thought you'd enjoy reviewing a list of the top ten (as in American's favorites) snack foods. Check out the serving size and percent of calories from fat IN EACH SERVING. Although, in small doses there's nothing wrong with any of these foods, most of them are eaten in quantities that exceed one serving size. SO, heads up.

Remember! There are no good foods or bad foods, but eating lots of empty calorie vitamin and mineral free foods can throw your diet, and your weight out of balance.

Food Serving Size % fat calories

  • 1. Potato chips 1 oz 58
  • 2. Tortilla chips 1 oz 47
  • 3. Popcorn (movie kind) 1 cup popped 45
  • 4. Pretzels 1 oz. 8
  • 5. Mixed nuts 1 oz. (airline pkg.) 80
  • 6. Puffed snacks 1 oz. 57
  • 7. Corn chips 1 oz 56
  • 8. Party Mix 1/2 cup 36
  • 9. Multigrain chips 1 oz 48
  • 10. Pork Rinds 52


Wiser Choices

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Non fat or low fat yogurt
  • Home made party mix (recipe in Smart Eating)
  • Foods that take a long time to eat--lollipops, mints, etc.
  • Water!
  • Chewing gum
  • Reduced fat popcorn (do you realize that most children in school have never had popcorn cooked "the old fashioned way." )
  • Whole grain breads, bagels, English muffins (watch serving sizes)
  • Smoothies made with low fat milk and/or fresh juices

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