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According to two separate studies reported only days apart, social interactivity may be the most important single factor in the health and happiness of older people. Health and fitness experts have long recommended that oldsters keep physically active. Now Harvard researchers affirms that "active" also means socially active. "Simply mixing with other people" -- eating out, playing cards, and social schmoozing in general -- "may offer as great a benefit as regular exercise," the researchers, whose study was published in the August 16 British Medical Journal, concluded Their study revealed senior socializers "live an average two and a half years longer than more reclusive people."

The Cornell Gerontology Research Institute's Retirement and Well-being Study focused on volunteerism as the vehicle for social interactions but their basic cause-effect is the same as Harvard's: personal interaction is the key.

I believe social health--the ability to have satisfying relationships--is one of the five important states of health. The other four are:

  • Physical Health: the ability to do the tasks necessary for YOU to have a fulfilling life
  • Mental Health: the ability to learn intellectual material and the lessons of life
  • Emotional Health: the ability to appropriately express a full range of emotions.
  • Spiritual Health: the ability to find reNEWal and reSTORation. For some it occurs in a religious setting. For others it is reCREATion, helping others, an inspiring sunset (or other experiences in nature) or many other options accrued in a fulfilling life.

How's your health? Are you doing well in all the areas of health? If so, congratulations. If not, spend time this week exploring ways to become MORE well. And, don't forget, it's Smart Exercise and Smart Eating that will help you reach "oldster" age in a healthy enough state to be able to participate in the social schmoozing of life.

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