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Slimmer, Smarter, Sexier, Healthier and More Youthful

Each month I'm a guest "expert" on our local ABC affiliate talk show (post Good Morning America) to comment on newsworthy issues related to supplements, herbal remedies and prescription drugs.

Usually I get to choose my topic which is always laced with the advice that the best health comes from smart exercise and smart eating habits, not a pill. This week the producer faxed me THEIR choice for the February segment: How To Be Slimmer Smarter, Sexier, Healthier and More Youthful in '99.

It was accompanied by a tear sheet from a tabloid like newspaper that revealed Celebrity Nutrition Secrets including actress, Marilu Henner's, use of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 "before my menstrual cycle to help with bloating and food cravings," model, Mariel Hemingway's use of 11,000 IU of beta carotene as her "youthful secret," Christie Brinkley's use of ginseng in "herbal teas, energy bars and sports drinks for energy", and more.

None of these "remedies" will hurt anyone who adopts them and I'll report that along with my usual message from the soap box. What concerns me is the inference-that the path to happiness is paved with slimmer, smarter, sexier, healthier and more youthful.

I'll buy into the healthier. I won't buy into the others. Experience has taught me that happiness, self satisfaction and an optimistic outlook on life comes from within. I'm the first to admit that I succumb to the moods that make me look outside myself for happiness.

Ultimately, I retreat to my underlying belief that to be happy we must return to THE SOURCE: the inner self, living in keeping with personal values and goal setting that creates a map to get us from where we are to where we want to go. I wonder if that's what my audience will want to hear.

What would YOU want to hear?

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