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Antioxidants!! They're the current rage in the supplement market as researchers continue to speculate on the ill effects of a lifestyle that creates harmful "free radicals" in our bodies. These varmints, which are believed to be precursors to cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease are nothing more than the residual effects of normal cell breakdown that occurs as a result of normal growth and repair, stress, illness or exposure to pollution. As we age our body's ability to temper these oxidants with our own resources diminishes. The best defense against free radicals is a diet rich in high fiber fruits and vegetables. Make them the heart of most meals and snacks and, if you like, supplement that diet with one anti-oxidant vitamin daily. Smart Exercise and Smart Eating habits are still the best illness prevention strategy you can muster.

This week start your day with a anti-oxidant high-fiber breakfast cereal or whole wheat bread, muffin or bagel, fresh fruit and a glass of 1% milk.

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