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My clients often ask me what I think of Melatonin as a "natural" cure for jet lag. Despite a pharmacy degree, I'm not a pill pusher. Besides, this "natural" supplement business makes me nuts. Folks who would never eat a food with MSG or Nutrasweet or Olestra think nothing of dashing into a health food store, listening to advice from someone who's been hired at minimum wage to dispense anecdotal information, then purchasing a product that may or may not have consequences to individual health. Just because something's natural doesn't make it safe. At the risk of offending someone my standard answer to questions about "natural" supplements is, syphilis is "natural" but I don't want it.

Jet lag is a tough problem for many of us who travel across time zones on a regular basis. Be aware that if you are one of those who struggle with jet lag it's going to be hard to adjust on trips of two days or less. For longer trips there are a few things you can do: If you arrive in the daytime, spend some time outdoors. The sunlight helps reset your inner clock. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, rich and sweet food and too much talking before bedtime. Wake up at the right local time--even if you don't have to. Immediately get some exercise. Hard to believe but you'll get through the day with less confusion and drowsiness.

Bon voyage!

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