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I've always been intrigued with residential weight management programs. There are only a few connected with hospitals and several more--some with bizarre weight loss strategies that are entrepreneurial based. Now there is a reasonable alternative.

Several months ago I was contacted by the St. Helena Center for Health facility in Napa Valley associated with St. Helena Hospital. The center had been running successful residential weight loss programs for 25 years but now they wanted something fresh, updated, reasonable in terms of dietary strategy and exercise choices. They asked for behavioral workshops that would support successful weight maintenance after clients left the residential program.

The program that evolved is TRANSFORMATIONS, The Napa Valley Weight and Lifestyle Management Program. In early March a pilot program was held at the center. The eight-day event was attended by 12 people we knew would provide critical feedback. One woman needed to lose only 20 pounds of fat. One man needed to lose 120 pounds of fat. Most needed to lose 40-50 pounds of fat. They arrived without knowledge that their lives were in jeopardy. After many years of yo-yo dieting and failure to keep weight off, it had settled in their waist and abdominal area. If you have a high waist to hip ratio (see Newsletter Archives to learn more), high triglycerides, high LDL cholesterol and high blood pressure your diagnosis is Syndrome X or what doctors also call Metabolic Syndrome.

After eight days those 12 people lost a total of 66 pounds. The smallest amount lost was 4 pounds and the obese man lost 14 pounds. Since the program ended, all participants have continued to lose weight without being hungry or eating a restrictive diet. In fact, as you would expect in Napa Valley, the food is something of a highlight of the program. It's gourmet and delicious. It's healthy because it has no saturated fat, trans fat and uses glycemic load (vs. glycemic index) to maintain healthy blood glucose levels (and overcome insulin resistance).

If you want to know more about this program use the link below. If you have any questions about the program, call the St. Helena Center for Health. They have all the information you need to know. It's a call that could change your life.

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