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You may wonder how one woman can talk about so many subjects. Ronda simply loves to teach others what she has learned herself. She researches a subject then, using her intuitive wisdom, discovers a way to make it easy for her, and others to understand. She adds a dash of humor and a few personal stories and hopes it triggers her favorite audience response, "Ah, I never thought of it that way"

"Ronda is the first person that I have found who can deliver heavy material with humor and common sense." .....Covert Bailey

"Ronda Gates is the Erma Bombeck of fitness! The audience laughed and nodded knowingly as she highlighted the importance of managing stress -- caused by everything from weight scales to mothers-in-law, children to careers, marital strain to negative outlooks." .....The Cincinnati Enquirer reviewing keynote at PBS' Speaking of Women's Health

Lectures & Workshops - by Ronda Gates

A Sampling...
Smart Exercise, Smart Eating, & Smart Behaviors
Outwitting Osteoporosis
Seven Paths to Self Esteem Pic of Ronda
Ready, Set Grow
Burning Fat, Getting Fit, Choosing Wisely, Living Lean
CHANGE - Crisis or Opportunity??
Five Paths for Resiliency in Changing Times
STRESS -- A humorous perspective
The Weighting Game or What Oprah learned the hard way...
Pills & Promises -- Weight Loss, Youth, and Memory
Dance with Depression
Beyond Self-Defeating Behaviors
Beyond Fit or Fat
Women's Health -- Women's Wealth
SMART WALKING-10,000 Steps To Health
Personal Excellence
Pills and Promises II
Quackery: The Ultimate in Fake News

Seven Paths to Self Esteem

Each of us has, deep inside, a spark whose purpose is to become a "flame." This spark is the center of your humanness - the real you. No matter how many crises a person has experienced and no matter how many times a person may have felt defeated and alone their "spark" remains - waiting to be kindled again.

That spark is our self esteem. Turning the spark into a flame is empowering and can lead to actualization of our potential. This health promotion oriented presentation outlines seven steps to build the self esteem that keeps the flame of our living process burning bright.

It reminds us of the power of our mind in building or destroying self esteem, the power of our heart in directing our feelings and emotions and the gift in our gut - our wise women's intuition.

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Five Paths for Resiliency in Changing Times

Resilience is essential to meet life's difficult changes. In these troubled times it becomes even more important to be able to manage the change that unexpected setbacks and unwanted adversities bring. Highly resilient people know how to bounce back and find a way to have things turn out well. They thrive in constant change because they are flexible, agile, creative, adapt quickly and learn from experience.

Everyone has the potential to develop resiliency. This presentation addresses the five paths to finding that living process inside us including:

  • 1. The physical skills path to health and well being
  • 2. The mental skills path to continue to be able to learn
  • 3. The social skills path to building nurturing relationshps
  • 4. The emotional skills path to managing emotions and feelings
  • 5. The spiritual skills path to assure renewal
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Smart Exercise, Smart Eating,
& Smart Behaviors

(alternative title:) Have A Heart
Appropriate for keynote 
Lecture (45 minutes) or workshop  (3 hours) 
Research is now proving what we've known for a long time. Good health is about much more than exercising and eating low fat diet. A truly balanced lifestyle on the go deals with physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual well being. Ronda Gates has spent more than twenty years evolving a lifestyle concept that gives folks the information they need to be their own best exercise, nutrition and weight management consultant. Her concepts have been captured in a series of best selling books including her most recent publication, co-authored with nutritional biochemist, Covert Bailey, Smart Eating.

This lecture and/or workshop introduces the audience to Ronda's ten guidelines that address the metabolic, physiological and psychological issues related to nutrition, exercise  and weight management in a way that will turn your people on to health. 
Guidelines include:
  • Assessments for Smart Goals 
  • Never Crash Diet 
  • Eat for Optimum Health 
  • Be a Savvy Consumer 
  • Exercise is More Than a Workout 
  • Stop Look & Listen 
  • Identify Supporters and Saboteurs 
  • Know Your Family 
  • Make Smart Change 
  • Don't Sweat the Small Stuff 
Each of these segments could also be an individual talk or workshop/seminar   to top

Stress -- A Humorous Perspective 
alt: Stress - You're Breaking My Heart 
Appropriate for keynote lecture or interactive workshop 
Ask women what their 3 most important health issues and they'll inevitably mention stress. The laced with humor presentation is one any woman can relate to. Ronda reveals the physiological and psychological effects of stress and uses anecdotes to help her audience identify and defuse the stresses that make us tired, self-doubting, overworked and self-critical. This presentation will trigger an understanding of the everyday thoughts, habits and behaviors which add often unnecessary stresses to our life. Then she offers six simple strategies to resolve the stress encumbered lifestyle. In describing the lecture the Cincinnati Enquirer said, "Ronda got attention, laughs and nods of recognition as she discussed how to understand and control the causes of stress in women's lives."  to top

Pills & Promises ---
Weight Loss, Youth, and Memory 
Appropriate for keynote  or breakout session 
Lecture- minimum 45 minutes 
Everyone wants to lose weight, stay young, maintain their memory and get rich quick and effortlessly. There are so many vitamins, minerals, herbs, supplements, shakes and plans on the market (and folks who preach their virtues) it's no wonder we're confused about the myriad of choices available to us. After the recent experience with weight loss medications our population is interested in learning how to ferret out the fact from the fiction and to protect their long term health and welfare Gates, a practicing pharmacist for 17 years prior to her entry into the educational health promotion business weaves a path for her audience through the facts and fallacies that surround this sensitive subject.   to top

Ready, Set, Grow
Appropriate for keynote  
This presentation, appropriate for a keynote to close the day's activities, provides your audience with seven strategies to support creation of a practical action plan for lifestyle change. They'll learn how to define SMART goals, understand the LAPSE process, identify supporters, make small change and focus on what's important. Ronda shares humorous anecdotes based on her experience as a nurturing agent for change in women's lives.
(Can also be modified for morning keynote to focus on how to make best use of day.)
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The Weighting Game
or What Oprah Learned The Hard Way 
Appropriate for Keynote  (40 mins up)  or Lecture - 1-3 hours 
It's crazymaking. Media ads for weight loss programs are followed by jingles that  encourage us to enjoy beer, chips and other high fat foods. Magazines offer weight  loss or low fat cooking articles followed by directions to make gourmet chocolate cakes. No wonder we can't "just do it".  Ronda's skill at developing  weight management strategies that work has made her one of the most sought after consultants nationwide. She'll use humorous anecdotes and clear diagrams to make scientific research easy to understand, reveal professional secrets, and provide you with a ten guideline strategy to move away from a yo-yo diet lifestyle to a healthier way of   managing your weight for people who don't have a full time personal trainer, cook or 2-3 hours a day to exercise. A review of this presentation in an industry publication included, "Ronda Gates common sense, humorous approach to lifestyle change roasted all those insufferable diet docs and the fat-free-industry scam artists in their own juices." to top

Dance With Depression 
Lecture  1 hour 
From a simple case of the blues to a full blown depressive event, statistics reveal that  Americans experience a seriously depressive episode at least 3 times in their life. We are often described as the Prozac generation. In fact depression crosses all ages and lifestyles and if you don't experience it yourself, chances are you work or play with someone who  does. This upbeat presentation addresses the psychological,  physiological, metabolic, social and spiritual issues of this sometimes debilitating experience and provides experience, strength, hope and  unfolds strategies for rejoining the dance of life.  to top

Beyond Self Defeating Behaviors 
Lecture or workshop   1.5 hours minimum 
"I know what I need to do, I just can't seem to do it." Whether the issue is procrastination, overeating, lack of exercise, or poor time management, self defeating behaviors are disruptive to our potential for being the best we can be. This workshop will lead participants through a process which helps identify the origins of a self defeating behavior then outline a strategy for managing it more effectively.  to top

Beyond Fit or Fat 
Lectures- minimum 45 minutes ea. 
These are each 45 minute lectures though some could be expanded During her ten year professional collaboration with nutritional biochemist and best selling author, Covert Bailey, Ronda was instrumental in the creation of the Fit or Fat licensing program and production of Bailey's 13 part PBS series. She also contributed to his newsletters and managed other Bailey projects. Their last effort prior to Bailey's retirement was creation of Smart Eating, a current best seller that revitalizes Baileyís target diet concept and provides more than 200 recipes. Gates developed a number of workshop experiences as an outgrowth of her work with Bailey that form the basis for her 4 day Portland based Lifestyles Institute. All of these workshops which teach smart exercise and smart eating habits have been offered to the general public in a variety of venues. Many follow the content of the PBS series and include: 
  • All About Body Fat 
  • Height and Weight Charts That Work 
  • How Muscles Work 
  • Potbellies & Thunder Thighs 
  • Body Fat in America 
  • Muscle in on Your Metabolism 
  • The Target Diet 
  • Crash Diets & Other Weight-Loss Tricks 
  • Comparing Exercises 
  • Sugar & Other Carbohydrates 
  • Steroids, Cholesterol & Other Fats 
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CHANGE - Crisis or Opportunity?
Lecture .. 45 - 60 minutes
Change is a fact of life. But today's rapid rate of change can be a tidal wave. Job changes, promotions, single parenting, aging parents--today's common stresses may leave you feeling helpless, angry, guilty or depressed about the loss of what's familiar. You can't always control change but it can be managed. And, you can control your response to the inevitable--predicted or not predicted. If the tidal wave has you in its grip, this session provides strategies that are useful in a variety of situations to get you to shore!!  to top

Women's Health, Women's Wealth
Lecture 45 - 60 minutes 
Women who work (and that can mean staying at home) continue to be a significant role model for many people. The pressures of that responsibility can interfere with a woman's ability to have a balanced lifestyle.  Crisis reduced living begins when you can step back and rediscover what is really important to you, identify those areas which cause you the most stress and begin to use a variety of time tested strategies for achieving balance. This workshop will help women maintain their priorities and manage the complexities of combining a personal and professional life.  to top

Workshop ... 1-1/2 to 3 hours 
Walking is the most popular exercise in the U. S., New research reveals that if we walk, climb, sprint or dance 10,000 steps a day we can be assured of good health. Ronda's walking workshop teaches particpants the proper walking technique that can turn a out of shape body into a fit one. Yoou'll learn strategies to make walking a viable fitness and weight loss strategy. There is also an option for each participant to receive, and learn to use, a pedometer and/or a MIO watch to assure proper pace in a session where the novice and experienced walker can be in the same session.   to top

Personal Excellence
It Takes All Types
Interactive Workshop: 3 hours minimum 
Personality profiling is the most widely used tool in corporate America to help employees improve communication, understand work patterns, identify leadership styles and manage people and projects. In addition it can be used in the fitness environment to help us understand our behaviors and, thus, those of our students and clients. If I'm a "just do it" kind of teacher, how can I relate to someone who wants and needs support. If I'm a playful instructor, what kind of adjustments do I need to make in a class if it's filled with analytical exercisers. If you know type you can design programming that has its own built in compliance. Respected weight control researcher, Kelly Brownell, believes Ronda has hit on a significant piece of the compliance puzzle. This session will reveal many of her secrets and make them useful to you.  to top

Burning Fat, Getting Fit, Choosing Wisely, Living Lean
Appropriate for Lecture/Breakout session- minimum 45 minutes 
Everyone wants to lose fat. Not much wonder we have so many low fat cookbooks, diets and exercise machines that have "fat burning" buttons. Ads promote body images that can't be attained by 98% of our population and we're encouraged to use diets that fail for 95% of those who try them. Foods are advertised as good or bad, and even if you choose to read the label they may mislead you. Who can you believe? Ronda will provide you with the insight you need to ferret through the myths and misconceptions about exercise and diet and set a personal course of action to becoming your own best nutrition consultant!   to top

Outwitting Osteoporosis

With each year a woman ages, her risk of an osteoporosis based fracture increases more significantly than her risk of heart disease or cancer. Stats indicate that for those over the age of 50, one of every two women and one in eight men will have an osteoporosis-related fracture before they die. This talk ferrets fact from fiction regarding this lifestyle related disease, identifies risk factors, overviews assessment protocol, reviews treatments available to treat the disease then provides prevention strategies every woman needs to know.   to top


This lecture and/or workshop is an overview of the strategies used in the successful weight and lifestyle management program ronda created for the st. helena hospital center for health. It includes an eight day plan that addresses the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual perspectives guaranteed to stop diabetes and heart disease in its tracks.   to top

Pills and Promises II
Appropriate for Keynote or Interactive Workshop

As a pharmacist, nutritionist and adult development specialist Ronda's prime focus, especially for the aging population, is to be able fact from fiction when it comes to medical conundrums. You'll understand more about the interactions between food, prescriptions and over the counter herbs and supplements including what's safe and what's not safe.   to top

Quackery: The Ultimate in Fake News
Appropriate for Keynote or Workshop

Attention-getting media and the sharing of medical anecdotes too often sets the stage when it come to options for self-care. Learn immediately useful skills to ferret fact from fiction when it comes to evaluating the health related TV and print ads.   to top

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