LIFESTYLES by Ronda Gates Book List
Books recommended by Ronda.

EXERCISE RELATED BOOKS recommended by Ronda Gates
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Calorie Expenditure Chart**
by Katch
Heart RAte Monitor Book**
by Sally Edwards
Smart Exercise
New Fit or Fat
by Covert Bailey

recommended by Ronda Gates
** books are discounted in Smart Bargain

Smart Eating**
by Covert Bailey and Ronda Gates
Nutrition Nuggets**
by Ronda Gates
Lowfat Lifestyle**
by Ronda Gates
Eating for Endurance
by Ellen Coleman, R. D.
Nutrition for Women
Food and Mood
by Elizabeth Somer, R. D.
Nutrition Facts Desk Reference
by Art Ulene, M. D.
The Honest Herbal
Herbs of Choice
by Varro Tyler
The Fat Book
by Karen Bellerson
Fast Food Guide
by Jacobson and Fritschner

recommended by Ronda Gates

The Scale Companion**
by By Ronda Gates, M.S., Frank Katch, Ph.D., & Victor Katch, Ph.D.
Doctor's Calorie Fat Counter**
by Allen Borushek
Choices for a Healthy Heart
by Joseph C. Piscatella
Diet's Still Don't Work
by Bob Schwartz
Habits Not Diets
by James Ferguson
The New American Diet
by Sonja L. Connor, M. S., R. D.
Walking Off Weight Workbook
by Robert Sweetgall
Overcoming Overeating
by Munter & Hirschman
Inner Eating
by Shirley Billingmeier
Making Peace With Food
by Susan Kano
Fat is a Feminist Issue
by Susie Orbach
Feeding The Hungry Heart
by Geneen Roth

recommended by Ronda Gates

How to Have Magnificent Sex; the Seven Dimensions of a Vital Sexual Connection
by Dr. Lana Holstein
Taming Your Gremlin
by Richard Carson
Self Esteem
by Matthew McKay
by William Bridges
The Pregnant Virgin
by Marion Woodman
Dance of Anger
Dance of Intimacy
by Harriet Lerner
Necessary Losses
by Judith Viorst
Feeling Good
by David Burns
Overcoming Indecisiveness
The Angry Book
by Theodore Rubin
People Skills
by Robert Bolton
How To Be An Assertive (Not Aggresive)
Woman In Live, In Love And On The Job: A Total Guide To Self-assertiveness

by Jean Baer
The New Assertive Woman
by Lynn Bloom
The Assertive Option
by Patricia Jakubowski and Arthur Lange
Controlling Anger
by Carol Tarvis

BOOKS FOR Adult Children of Any Family Where There Was Pain or Shame
recommended by Ronda Gates
It Will Never Happen to Me
by Claudia Black
Codependent No More
by Melody Beattie
Bradshaw on The Family
by John Bradshaw
Facing Codependency
by Pia Mellody
When Society Becomes An Addict
by Anne Wilson-Schaef

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