LIFESTYLES by Ronda Gates Weekly Message
Weekly Gems from Ronda Gates.

LIFESTYLES clients and customers receive a weekly message designed to support lifestyle change. They've included:

If one more person...
Healthy Weight Week
Sweet Things Are Made of This
Don't S C O F F
Sweet Things
Dealing With The "Dinner Dilemma"
Silent Killers
Eating Before Exercise
Aging Ain't What It Used To be
Herbal Update
A Silent, Life-Threatening Disease
Dummy Diets
A Shocking Diagnosis
Stress Busting Food Fare
Out of Memory
Slowing Down and Wising Up
A Model for Osteoporosis
Pesticides and Vitamins Square Off
The Big Picture
A Not So Smart Physician
What's Your BMI?
Do you need to take vitamins?
Twelve Ways to Cut Dietary Fat
Pack So You Don't Crack (Your Back)
Where are your keys?
Summer Treats
Sunscreen: How Much Is Enough?
Venting Anger
Turning Points
Avoiding Rip-Offs
Changing Your Mind
Life's A Gas!
Technology, Fitness and Big Bucks
Sugar Savvy
Foot Wear
Herbs for Menopause
Supermarket Splash
It's a Panic
Bone Mail & a Vacation for Two: A Plug, Plea and Promise
Unconditional Love
Thanksgiving Dinner to Live For!
A Holiday Gift List--$10 or Less
Skin Savvy
Smart Eating
Self Esteem and Spirit
Stress - A Humorous Perspective on a Serious Subject

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