LIFESTYLES by Ronda Gates Weekly Message
Weekly Gems from Ronda Gates.

LIFESTYLES clients and customers receive a weekly message designed to support lifestyle change. They've included:

Consider This
Two Finger Exercise
Stress Management Tip
Where's The Fat?
Quick Trips
Dad's Wisdom
Inconsequential Exercise
Making A List
Techniques to Improve Performance
The Softer Side of Holiday Spirit
Party Time
Resolution: Lose Weight
Second Week
Serving Size
High Fiber Diet
Slimmer, Smarter, Sexier, Healthier and More Youthful
Life's Learnings
Tricksters and Fraud
Take Care of that Exam
Quick Questions
Do No Harm
Herbs of Mystery
What, Where, Who, How, When and Why
On Transition--For Your Consideration
Unpacking Your Bags!
An Account of Trust
Out Out Damned Spot!!
Cellulite--This one's for the women!
Is It Grief or Is It Depression?
How Many Calories Do I Need?
On "Natural" Medicines
Internet Quackery
Exercising in Hot Weather
Phytochemicals For Sale
If I had Live to Live Over Again
Products You Can Trust
Beans, Beans, the Magic Fruit
New Jobs for Old Vitamins
Another Resource List
Magic Pills & Diets
Where's Your Fat?
Snacks To Go
Getting Caught!!
Health and Long Live
Ephedra Update
Another Reminder
Remember This Word: Leptin
Boning Up
Time For A Nap!
Syndrom X
Millennium Health Achievements

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